The Recipe to Restoration

Sometimes, we probably all wish there was a perfect recipe for restoration, especially in the context of rehabilitative care. Physical therapy, or any therapy at all, is difficult and constitutes a series of challenges we must face to see growth on the other side. However, we know that it will be worthwhile, and this is especially true for patients at Marion Manor. 

Whether your loved one is facing a series of heart complications, joint or knee issues, or general difficulties coping after a physically life-altering event, we are confident that our physicians at Marion Manor can help them. After all, our team is committed to the better health of our seniors, and each member of our staff is consistently trained to create practical solutions for all of our residents, no matter the issue at hand. Long-term nursing care is what we know best, and our experience equips us to handle the most difficult of circumstances. 

Although our team is excellent, our programs are arguably even better. For example, we provide joint and knee replacement therapy, prosthetic and orthotic training, strength building, and more. We even teach families and their loved ones how to use required health devices and how to follow protocols and guidelines at home so that, eventually, our assistance will no longer be necessary. At our skilled nursing facility, we always hope this is the case, as complete restoration of independence is our goal. 

Do you still have questions about our therapy programs? If so, please visit our website if you’d like to learn more about the resources we have available at our facilities. Stay tuned for more information about our facility, and check back next month for updates!