The Healthy Heart Program

Marion Manor’s team is continuously working towards honoring our commitment to improving the quality of life and well being of the residents we serve. We also aim to provide leadership to achieve the vision of making our community a better place. To do all of this, we have several programs that our residents participate in to better their health—one of those being our Healthy Heart Program. The Healthy Heart Program was created for people who need to care a little extra and help with their heart health.

Having heart trouble or a major event with your heart can really take a toll on you. That’s why we make this recovery program such a priority. The program’s overall goal is to improve the health, wellness, and fitness levels of our patients. We do this by providing post-hospital care for patients as they recover from a cardiac event. Our team will attend to you as needed and be able to help you on your healing journey by learning new ways to heal. Another major part of this program isn’t just for our patients but their families. Not only do we educate our patients, but we also educate their families about living successfully with heart disease

. We educate everyone on daily living activities, preparing a heart-healthy diet, learning all about heart medications, and how to recognize symptoms to report to their healthcare provider. Being able to understand your body’s new needs are so important. It’s also just as important that your loved ones are able to understand your new needs and be able to help you as well. That’s why this program is such a vital part of your healing journey. If you find yourself in need of some extra heart care, we hope you’ll consider joining our program at Marion Manor to help you in this new phase of life.