Summer Rehabilitation at Marion Manor

Rehabilitation isn’t always easy. Without the proper care, time, and tools,  it can be stressful and challenging. At Marion Manor, our caring staff creates impactful strategies for each resident’s best success. Here are a few ways we put our residents first: 

Before we can decide how to help a resident grow, we first need to assess their needs. This is why we schedule home evaluations, which help us determine what specific services are required. We take into consideration the senior’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences so we are prepared to help them in the best way possible. 

After we complete a home evaluation, we may find that some of our seniors are in need of post-cardiac monitoring. We pay careful attention to residents with a recent history of cardiac arrest because we believe post-cardiac protocols are important for full, lasting recovery– they reduce the risk of serious injury after a cardiac event.  We take proper steps to get to the main cause of the injury, while also treating symptoms like chest pains and fever. 

In order to effectively recover from serious conditions, our residents will likely undergo strength training with our specialized equipment. Of course, when using the proper equipment, residents will work with our physicians and nurses to ensure the training is completed correctly. Keeping our residents safe and healthy is a must for all of our caring staff at Marion Manor!

We’re dedicated to ensuring that our residents have the right tools and skilled care at their disposal. To learn more about our rehabilitation practices, please visit our website. Thanks for reading!