An Inside Look Into Some of Our Programs and Amenities at Marion Manor

We have a variety of programs at Marion Manor designed to make life easier for our seniors. If you’ve recently found yourself wondering about what goes on in our facilities during the day, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn why our residents love their time here with us.

One reason residents love Marion Manor is simple: we have plenty of exciting social activities that also promote happy, healthy living! For example, we’re often visited by therapy dogs that reduce anxiety and stress. They give us comfort and love when we need it most! Another activity that contributes to relaxation is nail time with the ladies. Everyone needs a little self-care here and there!

In addition to our social activities, Marion Manor is a great place to be because of our delicious meal offerings, prepared by dieticians on a daily basis. Any time you eat with us, you’ll get a heaping helping of veggies, and a main dish such as fish or grilled chicken breast. We also always include the choice of coffee or tea with our meals, so all our residents have the freedom to choose their preferences!

Lastly, our residents are satisfied because we are a skilled assisted living and nursing residency, with programs designed to put their health first. For example, our Healthy Heart program provides post-hospital care for patients as they recover from a recent cardiac event. With the help of this program, we can educate our patients and their families about successfully living with heart disease. We take into account heart medications, along with a steady, healthy diet, and proper daily living activities. For more details on this program or others, feel free to call us at 740-387-9545.

If you’re struck by curiosity even after reading this blog and would like to know more about our social events, you can check out our activities calendar here. It is usually updated by the end of the month, so check it frequently for more information, and follow us on Facebook for timely announcements. That’s all for now; thanks for reading!