hardhat, gloves, and ear protection

Whether you work in a hazardous environment or in a cubicle, everyone should implement safety protocols into their everyday lives as a preventive measure. That’s one of the reasons June is National Safety Month! Marion Manor wants to share with you a few safety tips for home, work, and family.

At work, it’s important to integrate safety as part of your company culture–not just as an HR talking point. Practice fire, intruder, and severe weather drills regularly, and clearly mark available exits. If you work on a construction site or with specialized equipment, be well-versed in machinery operation and safety guidelines, and always wear the appropriate protective gear. If you work from an office, be conscious of any severe allergies in the workplace, dangerous infrastructure, or other accessibility issues that can cause harm. If you’re too exhausted to drive home after a shift, ask someone to pick you up!

At home, there’s a simple checklist you can review regularly to keep things safer for you and your family. Make sure your smoke alarms are always functional and keep an extinguisher on hand. Don’t overload any one outlet in your house, and if you have a lot of cables and extension cords lying around, you may want to rethink it! Homes with small children present a new list of safety concerns, so be sure to follow your baby-proofing strategies to a T, including baby gates, outlet covers, and corner protectors.

At Marion Manor, we’re happy to be able to offer visitation again, but please keep safety in mind, too. If you’re not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment for another time. Let’s keep it safe! If you’d like to schedule a visitation appointment with your resident, please call us at (740) 387-9545.