theraputic foam roller

Did you know that April is National Occupational Therapy Month? We have an excellent team of licensed speech, physical, and occupational therapists at Marion Manor, and we’d like to inform you about some of the amazing work they do for our residents. 

First, what exactly is occupational therapy, otherwise known as OT, and how is it different from physical therapy? 

OT involves the “use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities.” Essentially, a licensed occupational therapist will help people of any age who are recovering from an illness, injury, or otherwise debilitating condition regain strength and ability through the therapeutic repetition of everyday tasks and activities. 

While physical therapy focuses on regaining strength or bodily function, OT works on the patient’s ability to perform well in their daily lives.

Anyone can benefit from OT, but it is especially helpful for seniors because it allows them to regain independence, even in a nursing center environment such as Marion Manor. When one is able to freely enjoy hobbies and personal tasks, it brightens his or her disposition and boosts confidence. 

We are so lucky to have our healthcare staff here at Marion Manor who are professionally trained, passionate about their field, and strive every day to improve our residents’ quality of life. Our rehabilitation programs run on an individual basis, meaning every resident gets unique therapeutic attention depending on their disease or injury, level of physical ability, and goals for the future. None of this would be possible without our healthcare heroes, so Marion Manor wishes you a happy National Occupational Therapy Month!