good luck ladybug

If you keep up with the Marion Manor Messenger, you might have completed the “Lucky Things Word Search” from this month’s issue. As we celebrate it in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is heavily associated with luck: think of the rare four-leaf clovers, the pots of gold…the list could go on. In our word search, you probably discovered words like “horseshoe”, “star”, and “rainbow”. (Remember the Lucky Charms cereal you used to eat? It’s no coincidence that those same shapes are used to make the marshmallows!)

But beyond the simple symbols, what are some common superstitions that pertain to luck? Here are a few of our favorites.

Crossing your fingers to promote good luck. This one is interesting due to its historical roots. Pagans believe that good spirits can be summoned at crossings, so to imitate that, today we cross our fingers!
Breaking the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. This superstition isn’t practiced in March at all, but in November! When the wishbone breaks, the person holding the bigger end gets to make a wish! (We suppose you could make one anyway, but maybe you wouldn’t get the same results.)
Picking up a “heads-up” penny. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck!” Just be careful of the adverse effects of picking up a penny you find tails-up.
Gifting a penny along with a knife. You should never give a lone knife as a gift, as it can supposedly damage the relationship between you and its recipient. Instead, give a penny along with the knife, so the other person can give the coin right back to you as “payment”.
Invite a ladybug to land on you! If one of these little red bugs land on you, it can grant you patience or health, depending on who you talk to.

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