exercise room

Being comfortable is an important part of resident life at Marion Manor. We offer many amenities to our residents that will help make them feel right at home. Our residents can choose between having a private or shared room, each containing its own private bathroom. Our goal is to give our residents the best possible care, and in order to do that, we have to start doing our research as soon as our resident walks through the door. Upon arrival, we will have a detailed history of any medical conditions our resident has or other important information that will play a crucial role in how we take care of them. The plan we develop will include a look into the individual’s physical and psychosocial status and will include the family in all steps. 

On top of caring for each resident individually, we also offer personal care services, various health care services, including medication assistance, supervision of persons with cognitive disabilities, an exercise room, dietician planned nutrition for three meals a day including snacks, social services, and educational programs.

To help our residents feel at home and comfortable we offer a few more amenities. We do offer housekeeping services that are conducted daily. Our housekeepers try to stop in each day at the same time or when it is convenient for the resident. We have transportation that is scheduled by the center with local companies for scheduled appointments. For the convenience of our residents, we also launder personal items and clothing for them. Mail is dropped off daily, and residents can get a telephone installed in their room if they would like. All rooms come cable ready, so as long as a resident has a tv we can hook it up for them. Finally, visitors are allowed onto the premises between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash during regular business hours. All of these things are what make up a normal day in the life of anyone, and it is with pride that Marion Manor is able to provide these amenities to our residents.