man receiving gift

If your loved one is at a nursing care facility, whether it is for a short-term rehab stint or for long-term care, they might feel pretty discouraged about not being home to celebrate the holidays. But just because they are away, does not mean they are exempt from being able to celebrate those special holidays in a meaningful way. Gift-giving is a great way to spend time with them while also giving some much-needed cheer as well. 

Bring a few gifts to them to brighten their day. The gifts can range from a comfy sweater or a book from their favorite author. In cases of dementia or other diseases, consider giving a meaningful musical recording or an electronic photo frame loaded with pictures of your family that can automatically play. Any gift will likely be fine but try to tailor the gifts to their interests so that it’s more special.

On the flipside, give the resident in the nursing home a chance to give away gifts if they are so inclined. It might be a little harder to do but with online shopping, there are opportunities for them to pick out gifts for others and hand them out in person. They have likely been involved with gift-giving for years and it may even be a tradition for them so it’s an extra nice gesture to offer.

At Marion Manor, you are welcome to visit and bring gifts to your loved one. Just call ahead and set the necessary precautions so we can have