woman and man eating lunch

It’s been said if you eat fresh fruit and vegetables by the season you will get better quality in taste and nutrition. Seasonal eating is a simple food philosophy at its core, yet we’ve complicated it with decades of operating within a globalized food system. Go into any supermarket in the dead of winter and what would you find? Tomatoes? No problem. Grapes? You bet. Fresh strawberries? Absolutely. Whether grown in a hothouse or shipped halfway around the world, we are accustomed to seasonless eating. In this sense, seasonal eating is harder than it sounds. So how do you get started?

One way is to visit a farmer’s market. These places have homegrown goods ready and ripe for the eating, so you know is seasonal and local! No matter the time of year, farmer’s market produce is usually much fresher than what you’d find in the grocery store, often harvested within the last 24 hours.

Food blogs tend to follow seasonal food trends, just like the stores do. So if you’re wondering what’s in season and how you should cook it, spend some time perusing your favorite sites for inspiration. Pinterest is another great source for this, with seasonal foods cycling throughout the year. Here is a great calendar of what’s in season during what month.

You’ll find that eating in season will save you money too, so why not give it a try? Your tongue and your wallet with thank you!