woman and man in party hats

The beginning of a new year is always rife with excitement and anticipation. What does this year hold? This excitement does not have to change simply because you have seen many new years! Here are a few reasons why even the elderly should make New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Resolutions give you purpose! Some people start to feel as they age that the purpose of their life is gone. Their kids are grown and have their own families. They might be retired and feel they have nothing to contribute to the world because they aren’t being “productive.” Setting a resolution gives you a goal to achieve! Achieving that goal takes work, and that work can give you purpose! There’s always room for growth.
  2. Resolutions can bring togetherness. Set goals with your family or friends. Commit to being more active together or learning a new language together. These activities will bring about that quantity time that results in quality time! Plus, when you all accomplish something together those positive feelings are clinically proven to benefit you as you age! A Columbia University study showed that people who are enthusiastic and content with their lives are less likely to develop heart disease.
  3. Resolutions can be helpful. Set resolutions to make your home safer. Take on the task of pre-planning your final arrangements. These loving actions not only help you, but they also benefit others in the long run.
  4. Resolutions can bring new people into your life. Making a simple goal of making a new friend is extremely beneficial for the elderly. Plan more activities with others, and in the process, you may learn new skills and adopt new hobbies, like cooking. Another helpful idea is to become a regular at the local senior center. Senior loneliness and depression are a reality, and these will help combat that.

Taking these tips will help create a sense of expectation for this new year. Look at your clean slate that is 2020. What work of art do you want to create with it? Make it beautiful, and don’t forget that a new year is a fresh start for everyone.