daughter touching mother's hand

Caregivers are wonderful people that help care for your aging loved ones. They have great hearts and work hard to ensure their patients are cared for and safe. Caregivers, just like everyone else, need a break from time to time. Here’s why:

  • Self-care is important. Caregivers can sometimes get lost in helping others and forget about themselves. It’s important to remind them to take a break. When they take time for themselves, they will only be more beneficial for your loved one.
  • Stress can be exhausting. Caring for the elderly and knowing that their families are depending on you to care for them can be stressful. Working daily without many days off can create a tense and uncomfortable environment.
  • Exhaustion can lead to carelessness. Without regular breaks, caregivers can feel overworked and exhausted. This can lead to careless mistakes.
  • Increased sickness. If caregivers don’t get regular breaks, they are likely to be sick more often. When caring for the elderly, it’s obvious that being sick at work is out of the question.

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