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  1. Services

What do you or your loved one need from this facility? Are you looking for a long-term care facility or somewhere for shorter rehabilitation? Do you or your loved one require specialized treatments or certain therapies? These are all things to consider when choosing a nursing home or care facility.


  1. Location

How close is the facility to your home and relatives? How far are you comfortable traveling? Is the area easy to get to and safe? What is most important to you, location-wise?


  1. Size

Would you prefer a larger facility with more residents or a smaller, closer-knit home? Are you or your loved one more introverted or extroverted? Do you prefer lots of activities and being around large groups of people or more relaxing options with small groups?


  1. Staff

Staff members are a very important aspect to consider when choosing a nursing facility. Take a tour of the homes that you are interested in and pay close attention to staff members, how they interact with residents, how mealtimes are handled, etc.


  1. Freedom

Do you prefer a facility with more freedom? Choosing what you’d like to eat or wear and what activities you’d like to participate in can be a huge consideration. Giving up the freedom of living alone or with family can be scary, so the ability to make small choices or changes can be important.